The world is our studio,
with focus on the Netherlands

Frans Lemmens and Marjolijn van Steeden met in Bolivia in 1989. Since then, they have lived and worked together. For many years they traveled the world making travel reports for many magazines including National Geographic Traveler.

They undertook a number of unique expeditions: visiting Antarctica with the Chilean Navy, flying around the world with a Catalina PBY-5-A flying boat and crossing the Sahara by camel and on foot with a traditional Tuareg salt caravan.

From 1993 The Netherlands became an important theme in their work. This led to the publication of their successful book ‘Visions of the Netherlands’ (1997).

In 2000, Marjolijn and Frans started a Sahara project which was published as ‘Sahara, Land Beyond Imagination’ (2004).
Unilever then commissioned the pair to produce their 75th anniversary book ‘Unilever Matters’ (2006), which illustrates the the multinational company’s operations in fourteen countries.

In 2010 they focus again on the Netherlands, which has resulted in the books, in collaboration with National Geographic:
• Icons of the Netherlands (2012)
• The Netherlands from the Air (2013)
• The Netherlands at its best (2014)
• Still Holland (2017)

In collaboration with EMS FILMS:
• Holland – The Living Delta (2015)
• Amsterdam Urban Jungle (2017)
• This is Holland (2017)

In collaboration with Fontaine Publishers:
• Holland – Winter Wonderland (2018)
• Amsterdam (2019)
• The Netherlands at its Best – Throughout the Year (2020)

In collaboration with Terra Publishing:
• NL 365 – A Year in the Netherlands (2022)

A multi-disciplinary team

From New York to Hong Kong, from jungle to desert.

Nature, architecture, travel, landscapes, wildlife, people, events, macro, underwater, aerials (inclusive drone), etc.

Their work has been published worldwide in virtually every type of media.

Selection of Previous Books