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One strong image is worth a thousand words

From New York to Hong Kong, from Nature to Architecture, from Jungle to Desert

Frans Lemmens is a true globetrotter.
After graduating from Nyenrode Business University, the world became his home. He worked for many years as a development worker in Africa and traveled as a tourleader on all continents.
Photography had always been his passion. In 1986 Lemmens decided to become a documentary photographer mainly focusing on travel and nature. In that capacity, he undertook a number of unique expeditions: he visited Antarctica with the Chilean Navy, flew around the world with a Catalina PBY-5A flying boat and crossed the Sahara by camel and on foot with a traditional Tuareg salt caravan. His desert photography soon resulted in an international breakthrough, and his first book the Algerian Sahara.



On assignment for National Geographic Traveler in the Moroccan Sahara.


Image shot for the famous KLM’s “swan” advertising campaigns.


During an expedition in Bolivia (1989) he met his partner Marjolijn van Steeden. Since that time they live and work together. Since 1993 The Netherlands is an important topic. Many of the aesthetic photos have been published in the successful book ’Visions of the Netherlands’ (1997).

In the year 2000 Marjolijn and Frans started a new Sahara project , resulting in the book Sahara, Land beyond Imagination (2005), the crown on their desert work. For global player UNILEVER they produced their 75 year anniversary book Unilever Matters (2006), in which the activities of the multinational in 14 countries are shown. Between 2006 and 2010 Marjolijn and Frans were back on track with making travel reportages abroad.

But from 2011 up to now The Netherlands are the main focus. In 2012 the book ‘Icons of the Netherlands’ was published, followed by ‘The Netherlands from the Air’ (2013) and ‘The Netherlands at its best’ (2014) all in collaboration with National Geographic.
In 2015 all time was dedicated to produce a coffee-table book ‘Holland – Natuur in de Delta’, related to the cinema movie released 21 September.
Besides photography the making of video clips has been added to the activities.
Their work has been published worldwide in virtually every type of media, mostly through photographic agencies such as Getty Images, Corbis, Alamy and Hollandse Hoogte.
The originality and high aesthetic content of their photos compel wide admiration.


On assignment for the book ‘Holland – Natuur in de Delta’.